The Biggest Disease : What will say people ( If it is in you,check it out)

Hey friends, first of all what’s up? Ok, you  are probably thinking who are you!!!what the hell i’m doing here? This is another typical motivation,that’s stuff. Just wait!!!Yes i’m a new one in blogging and this is my first blog post. But i am going to share with you a truth and just check it first and then decide it is in you or not…

If not then great, otherwise think for a while because you leads towards a life of stress,fear,anger…..

At first let’s start with a simple story:

 a young boy bought an amazing kind of a dog who could walk on water(imagine).He trained the dog more and the dog now can hunt birds in day he invite his one friend to  see tat amazing work by that dog.The dog showed his brilliance and walked in water and hunted one duck. The owner is now expecting his friend to compliment on his dog,but never got one.When his friend was about to leave his home he asked his friend if he had noticed anything unusual about his amazing dog.Then the friend simply replied,”Yes,in fact,I did notice that your dog cannot swim.”

We are living in a society and we try care about all people(probably somebody not)…But in all our life parent first comes and then others. If you are a young then your career(study,job) are somewhat directed by parents.But as the title suggested we are somewhat shaped by our surrounding people in doing something new.In India it is not a new thing that any elder person can come and say anything about your dreams,career,life…

what i am going to say that it is somewhat effects on taking important decisions. sometimes people talks something bad about your hairstyle,dressing etc. But in our life decisions, it is not ok . It is a fact that there are many girls who want to make a you tube channel but they don’t want to show their face because what will people say.They don’t try it.But whatever now we are becoming intelligent and we know how  to  ignore negative peoples…

But we are still  living with such  a mindset which is made by society and parents with education system.As parent advice us to study for  better job,better living life, we make dreams you can say imagine ourselves with some well positioned job.We start to torture ourselves with 10-15 hours study a day in the subject which we don’t love to read(or don’t loves to read any subject).This is nothing else just a are imagining yourself with a amazing dream as your parents told you or you have learnt looking at some other people life.But if you look deeply to other’s life who have already achieved that level, then you can see 90% of them are not enjoying their job.That’s what your destiny according to reality.If you take a degree in engineering and don’t enjoy engineering then you will be a very flop engineer no matter how much you read.This will give bad effects to you and also to others.This is reality bro.

Parents will definitely give pressure on you according to their experiences and circumstances and for them, a good degree will make them happy.But not in case of you, you are dreaming something and wishing a better life.And if you are torturing your selves for such a degree and job, then your dream is going to breakup one day and you will lead towards a fearful,stressful life.

You had the responsibility to choose your dream on reality.Not to proof you to others not to  your parents too. You are feared to stop making such imaginary goals which have bad reality somewhat thinking what others will say(you are a fool, dumb etc etc).

Now what you need to do?When you check in yourself, then solutions come to your way.The solution is in the great inventor”s  words:

          This is the way to becoming unstoppable.The all things can be not great sounding for you but this is based on reality.Look at other people’s life who changed the world through their excellent work and that’s how you can become unstoppable too.

Good luck………….

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